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Cambridge Corten were awarded the contract to design and supply Corten metalwork for The Barbados National Heroes Square Monument:
A Triumph in Urban Renewal

Barbados National Heroes sculpture Monument Square
Barbados National Heroes sculpture Monument Square

Take a walk through our sculpture project from visual to reality

Barbados National Heroes Sculpture - CASE STUDY

Bridgetown, Barbados. December 2023 — In a celebration of Barbados' historic transition to a republic in 2021, marked by the end of the monarchy's influence, a pivotal urban renewal project unfolded in Bridgetown. The heart of this renewal lies in the transformation of the National Heroes Square, formerly known as Trafalgar Square, commemorating the Barbadian Family as the ultimate national hero.

Local Designers Hugh Holder and Vincent Jones emerged victorious in a National design competition to create a monument in the site previously occupied by the statue of Admiral Lord Nelson, removed in 2020. The project, managed by the winning designers and Natron Inc, introduced a revolutionary blend of concrete and Corten weathering steel—a novel material to the island, renowned for its sustainable and low-maintenance properties.

The design's essence aimed at honouring the Barbadian Family as the foundation from which all national heroes emerged. Large metal shackles symbolised the struggle against slavery, while intricately lasered "Steles" paid tribute to the eleven National Heroes of Barbados, including the latest addition, Rihanna, recognized in 2021.

Key Project Details:

  • Total Weight: 6.5 tonnes

  • Volume: 42 cubic meters – shipped by Air

  • Metalwork had to match millimetre perfect to preformed concrete shapes produced in Barbados.

  • Project timescale 3 months from concept to unveiling

Standout Aspects:

  • Large rolled sheet elements forming "C-shaped Shackles"

  • High-definition lasercut lettering on "Steles"

  • Integration of genuine ships' anchor chain

  • Innovative fixing method for Corten to Concrete

  • Nothing of this design or material has been installed at that country before.

Development and Production, here at Cambridge Corten in the UK

air freighted to Barbados for the  On-site Build

The Unveiling of the finished installation

The collaborative effort between Cambridge Corten in the UK and the local project team overcame time zone differences and utilised video conferencing technology for seamless communication. The project's success hinged on the commitment and expertise of both teams, marking a milestone as the first Corten installation on the island.

Cambridge Corten's involvement extended beyond fabrication, offering consultation for the final installation, ensuring a smooth transition from construction to fitting.


The project exemplifies the power of collaboration, technology, and innovation in the realm of bespoke metal structures.

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